Marionah Hope Joens

Around 850 days of waiting. But today.. Today she is officially Marionah Hope Joens!  I can not even begin to explain all of my emotions today. But i think my strongest feeling is that of thankfulness. Mari has been a gift since the day she came into our home, and I am forever thankful that God allowed us to take care of Her. Today is the day when I can finally feel at peace calling her my daughter. She is first and foremost God’s and that lesson is drilled into my being, but now God has allowed me to take care of her in this place. Thank you all for the prayers and care during this whole process. Now I want to write to Mari 🙂
You are simply a gift from God. You have been Hope when I had none, light in my darkness, and the only Joy I was able to cling to. Being with you has given me life and purpose. God has already done mighty things through you and will continue to do so. One day you will understand the significance of your middle name and the person that poured Her life into you, you will carry Hope with you forever and you will honor that namesake. You will make mistakes and so will I, but we will carry each other through those mistakes and we will not let each other go. You love without bounds and you teach me how to love in that same way. Hope taught you all of these things, she set that tone in your life. I could not be more proud of you, nothing you can do can make me love you more and nothing you can do can make me love you less. My love for you has no bounds Mari. I’m so excited to be apart of your story and your life, God has knit us together and we will honor him all of our days. Let’s make the most of this adventure! I LOVE YOU.

    We give thanks that you created the world,

Though it turned from your ways.

We give thanks that you began a people

to bless this world,

though it did not always bless.

We give thanks, with greatest reverence,

for eh gift of your Son, Jesus Christ,

who indeed blessed the world.

Thanks be to you for the signs and glory of the Lamb of God.

In him, we are all adopted children of God.

We are brought into the divine redemption,

which now subsists in each embrace,

each extensions of love.

Each sacrament, each kiss and act of service.

May the adoption of this beloved child Marionah Hope Joens be blessed.

Almighty God, you adopted your people in Egypt,

and they came out into the wilderness to pitch a tent.

May we the family of this beloved child enjoy the presence of God

in the tent of life together as they look toward the pillar of fire by day –

a sign of your coming glorious redemption; and the pillar of cloud by night –

a sign of your presence amid our trials and darkness.

In Christ, the Son of God, There is neither adoptive nor natural parents and children.

We are all born again in the Spirit of God.

This Spirit redeems us with the substance of faith, hope, and love.

May this child be blessed by the mysterious presence, mercy, and grace of the Trinity.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


This first picture below is from the day when we picked Mari up from the hospital here in SF.


Marionah Hope Joens