“A photo of our family, once a week, every week, in 2014”



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Casey: I love walking into the room late at night to moments like this. Him with his guitar singing softly. And diesel, always there. 

M: Playing with one of Dad’s vintage cameras. She is turning into a little girl more and more each day. What happened to my little baby??

Hope: The first pickings from our garden. The root vegetables still have some growing to do, but the lettuces are looking great. The arugula is perfect, and the beet greens are pretty terrific as well. I made a small salad with the beet greens, and with the Arugula we made a Prosciutto and arugula pizza. Which was amazing.


lets get away, you and I

Vacations are so important and so needed. Vacations don’t happen enough for us. We have only been on four real vacations in the (almost) nine years of our marriage. We love them, and benefit so much from them, but when it comes down to it…the money has usually been spent on something else, and the time has been used on other things. But now with a little one we are realizing how important it is to get away, as a family. To leave our everyday surroundings, our routines, rhythms and schedules. To go away to a new place, to have nothing planned but to just be together, enjoying the little moments and watching M experience new things. And thats what we have been doing more and more. Little trips here and there, that require little money and little planning. A long weekend away, or a day trip to somewhere we’ve never been. Each time we come back refreshed, and renewed.

This mini vacation was in Santa Barbara, we are so blessed to have friends and family there. And even more blessed that our friends let us stay in their amazing house. It was wonderful. We spent everyday outside, exploring the grounds around us, jumping on the trampoline, playing ping pong and collecting rocks and sea shells while we watched Casey surf. ¬†We spent the evenings in the kitchen cooking with our friends. We ate dinner around the table while enjoying the best conversations. Each night was ended with a bonfire and endless laughter.¬†It was truly one of the best weeks we’ve had in a while. We were surrounded by so much beauty, and so much love from family and friends, that it makes you stop and thank God for the life he’s given you. Because even with the ups and downs of life, health and the unknown, we are so grateful for the life we do have. We have each other, we have family and friends. We have love. So much of it.









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lets get away, you and I


“A photo of our family, once a week, every week in 2014”


I missed a week. On accident, kind of. Last week my days were taken up with a mini vacation in Santa Barbara, in a beach house, on the beach. ¬†It was perfect, relaxing, warm, fun, filled with friends and just what we needed. It was amazing. ¬†I have dozens and dozens of photos to share, but for now…here are a few of my favorites.




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Casey: Going out to Surf just a few feet away from the house. All day, everyday. 

M: Hanging with her best bud Levi who just happened to be in Santa Barbara too. This might be my favorite photo of the trip.

Hope: Jumping on a trampoline in the backyard, right next to the ocean, which was.. Amazing. 



a walk through the woods

This Saturday we had planned to be in Santa Barbara, but with the colds holding on for dear life we had to reschedule our weekend. So…we were home. I¬†desperately¬†needing to get out of the house. I needed fresh air and a clear mind. A hike sounded like the perfect thing. We drove 30 minutes south and found our way to the Purisima Creek trail. ¬†We hiked three miles through a forest of redwoods, oak trees, and hidden meadows. It was beautiful. The hike wasn’t too steep, but for people¬†who don’t hike and are out of shape,¬†we were huffing and puffing on our way back, and casey was cursing himself for wearing jeans. yes..JEANS. who wears jeans on a hike? he does.

It was a great day and a perfect escape from the quarantined week. We are so amazed that something this beautiful is just miles away from us. The whole bay area is covered with beautiful trails. There is so much world to explore right in front of us, and we really want to explore more of it. We decided it is necessary for us to go on a hike once a month. And next time, Casey is not going to wear jeans.

I didn’t take a lot of photos and now I wish I would have. But here are a few.










image 8

a walk through the woods


A photo of our family, once a week, every week, in 2014″¬†







This week has been a tiring one. We have all had our turn with the nasty cold thats going around. Poor M has been miserable fighting the cold and two teeth that are coming through. All I can say is I am exhausted. Every Mother will understand exactly what I mean. I’ve been in the same clothes all week and my hair is begging me to wash it. And when Casey came home from work today I told him I needed five minutes alone. So I went in our bedroom, I covered my head with a pillow and took a hundred deep breaths. It helped…a little.

One of our favorite things to do every night before bedtime is a dance party. We turn the music up real loud and we dance the day away. M loves it, every time we say “music time” she runs to the stereo and starts dancing before she even hears the first beat.


Hope: I’ve had a toddler glued to me all week. Even though things don’t get done and the house is a mess, I do enjoy every snuggle and hug.

M: she’s even beautiful when she doesn’t feel good.¬†

Casey: Teaching M his dance moves during our nightly dance party. and yes he is wearing her fox mask. 

Diesel: he just thinks we’re all crazy.¬†


this and that

A new series of things we do around the house, and favorite moments of the week.

this and that.

This week we had the pleasure of baby sitting one of M’s best friends Levi. Levi is the son of some of our best friends here in San Francisco. We have known them for years and the friendship keeps getting better and better. We have watched their lives shape into something so beautiful. We knew Josh before he found Alexis, and we have watched that relationship grow from dating to engagement, to marriage and now to parent hood. And it has been such an honor to be apart of each chapter of their lives. The best part is we are now neighbors, and they are always up for last minute visits and game nights. One of the things that has been so special is watching our children grow from babies to toddlers. When Alexis was pregnant and we were still in the long fost-adopt certification process, I often became discouraged and thought we would never get a child. She was always so encouraging and would tell us not lose heart, that the perfect baby would come at the perfect time. She also thought that we would have children together, and she never gave up on the thought that we would bring a baby home when they did. She was right, and the timing was perfect. One short month after Levi was born, we brought home our five month old baby girl. We now have children together, and it has been wonderful.

Watching Levi a few times a month is something M loves. They are at such a fun age, now they can actually play together and communicate to each other in their baby babble. They loved to chase each other around the house, and make each other laugh, it is so fun to watch. I so look forward to them growing up together and becoming the best of friends.








Library loot. I loved going to the library as a child and I know that helped my love of books now. I want to make this a routine, and become something she loves as well..she already loves books almost as much as me


Diesel, the best dog there ever was
View of the glorious sunset from our window, we get lots of beautiful nights like these
this and that