remembering summer

November is here, and  winter will soon be upon us. The cold days make me miss the warm ones we briefly enjoyed this summer. Briefly meaning, we did not have many, we had to leave San Francisco to find the sun. Because as everyone knows, a San Francisco summer does not exist.

One weekend we packed our bags, drove to the mountains and stayed in a cabin with some of our best friends. This cabin is one that Casey’s Step Dad owns, and it is beautiful. Houses are tucked away in forrest’s of redwood trees. This one is surrounded by towering pines, making it all you see and all you smell. Wifi and cell phone service are non-existent. Which makes for the perfect escape.

In the mornings, we woke up to birds singing and sunshine pouring through the windows. Much different than the gray fog at home that tempts us to stay under the covers. And different than the sound of the buses that pass our house a hundred times a day. We lazily made our way to the kitchen where we cooked breakfast together. We ate pancakes and bacon on the deck, and enjoyed endless cups of coffee. We spent the afternoons at the lake. The boys enjoyed the Canoes and the girls enjoyed the babies. The nights were spent under the stars, drinking wine, reminiscing and laughing about the many stories we all share together.

It was a short but perfect weekend spent with friends we love so much.














remembering summer

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