Holidays are for families, and colds.

I have been meaning to write, but instead of the New Year bringing resolutions and motivation, it brought us runny noses and chest colds.

Even though we were sick and miserable, 2014 still happened. In the past there have been many New Years parties, lots of champange and sequin dresses. But this year, instead of dancing and making toasts, we blew our noses and tried to stay awake till midnight. There was no romantic kiss when the ball dropped. Instead, a brief peck on the cheek to keep away the germs.

Luckily, our colds hit us after christmas.

Christmas. That word holds so much meaning. It is the most celebrated holiday of the year. We decorate our houses, christmas lights fill the room with warmth. We put presents under the tree and drink artificially flavored hot chocolate while holiday cheer surrounds us. We watch christmas movies, send christmas cards and make christmas cookies. We do everything we can to create a feeling of christmas.  Some of us try to feel and anticipate christmas as a child anticipates Santa’s footsteps on the roof. And others go through the magical season searching for something but all they find under their tree is false hope and disappointment. But as we all know, that “feeling” is not what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is about one baby who changed the world forever. One savior who came to redeem the lost. Christmas is celebrating that life with those you love. It is about light coming into darkness, and family filling our hearts.

This year it was spent with those we love, our family. Mine big and Casey’s small. I grew up with four older brothers and he grew up with one.  This was a very special christmas as we had new babies to love. Not only did we have M, but my brother and Casey’s brother both had their own this year. If you know our families, you know how special each of these babies are. You know how much it means for us to be parents, and how much it means to stand beside my brother holding our children together. You know how special it is for the Grandparents to see their children have children, and to cover those grand-babies in kisses. If you know our families, you know that these children are miracles.  We thought we may never be parents, and this year we became parents together.

It was a wonderful Christmas, filled with laughter and so much love.

We took family photos with my family for the first time in years, it was so much fun and the kids loved being silly. Here are a few photos from that and the rest of the week at Casey’s Moms.

My wonderful family
All the grandkids
My Handsome Dad, brothers and husband
My beautiful Mother and sisters in law


M loves her Bubbie
And her Papa
And her Gramma
Miss Juliette, the prettiest girl in the land




Auntie Jessie made the cutest gift. She made felt story boards to go along with some of M’s favorite books.


Auntie Jessie




Cody and Casey with their little miracles




Merry Christmas


Holidays are for families, and colds.

5 thoughts on “Holidays are for families, and colds.

  1. Scott Brady says:

    God is bountiful in His love and extravagant with His blessings.
    I am so happy for you and your family Hope.
    God Bless You!

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