” A photo of our family, once a week, every week, in 2014″


photo 3

photo 2

Remember a few weeks back, I posted a photo of me with a horse and the caption was “dreaming of having my own one day”? Well that caption brings me to a funny story.

A photo just like that one was posted to instagram by Casey, and his caption being something like, he really wanted to get me a horse one day. I love horses just like anyone else, and just like every little girl I dreamed of having my own one day. That dream was very far away and hidden in the corners of my mind. I never thought it would come true, so I never paid much attention to it. Well..it did. When Casey posted that photo on IG one of our friends told us they knew someone that was giving away a couple of horses. Of course Casey got in contact with them right away, and before we knew it we were making plans to have two arabian geldings delivered to his Nana’s ranch. Casey grew up with a horse on his Dads ranch, so he knows his way around a saddle, and knows how to ride. His Nana was just as excited as we were, and neither of us could believe someone was just giving us horses.

This weeks photos are from our first time riding them. The horses are broken and are so gentle and great at riding. It has been quite a few years since I’ve ridden, but it all came back the instant I jumped on that horse. We spent a few hours with them, getting aquatinted in the arena and then took them for a stroll through Nana’s property. They did great and bonded with us really well. We are excited for this new adventure and will be going up to Nana’s once a month to spend time with our new friends. Casey is already in love with them, and of course I am too.

We are truly grateful for this, and we can’t help but thank God for giving us things like this to make us smile.

Casey: His first time on his new horse Cody

Hope: Brushing and loving on Marquis after a lovely ride.

M: Playing in a tunnel, hearing her echo for the first time (from earlier this week. She stayed home with some friends while we went riding)

Here are a few more photos of them. They are truly beautiful.

Processed with VSCOcam with p7 preset




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