a family of friends

There are so many things I love about San Francisco. The amazing food, the bitter coffee, the buttery toast, the beautiful scenery and the gloomy fog. But the thing I love most about San Francisco, is the friends that we have made here. We moved away from our family and our best friends, we came here not knowing anyone and feeling alone. But now are surrounded by some of the greatest people we have ever known. We all come from different places, and we all do different things, but we all have the same love. We have been in each others life for the last four years, and have gone through many different season of life together. We have been to bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, and each others kids first birthdays. We have cried together, we always laugh together, and we do life together.

The thing about moving away from your family and leaving everything you know, is that your new friends..become your family. And this family, we never want to leave.

We try to get together as much as we can, and we always enjoy an escape from the city. Last weekend some of us made our way to Napa. We thought there would be sunny skies, but of course there weren’t. Instead the sky was undecided, alternating orange and blue behind approaching thunder clouds, full of the nervous anticipation of rain. But that didn’t stop us. We still had a wonderful day and the kids had so much fun. We took them to Traintown, which is a small amusement park with a train that travels through 4 miles of bridges, tunnels, and stops at a small petting zoo with a miniature town. They all loved it. After that we went to Larson family winery where we shared a few bottles of wine while the kids ran around, and played in the mud. One of the things I love about these friends is that most of us have kids, and we all help each other out, even the ones without. We are always quick to grab the child who is about to fall down, we are ready to hold the crying baby so Mom can have a break, and we are always eager to offer a hug and a high five to the happy, or sad child. M is surrounded by so many amazing “aunties” and “uncles”, and they have shown her so much love. We are truly blessed.  It was a wonderful day spent with wonderful people.


























a family of friends

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