oh hello

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a whole month has gone by without a word or a sound from me. Maybe my absence hasn’t been missed, but please know, I have missed this. I have missed writing. I have missed posting weekly portraits, special moments and documenting our lives. I have missed being.

I would like to sum it all up to busy lives and full schedules, and that is the reason for most of it. But sometimes sickness gets in the way, and that sickness takes its toll on everyone, and also takes weeks to leave. Of course after weeks of being sick, you have weeks of life to catch up on. And sometimes the two hours of alone time you have a day, gets caught in the arms of a really good book that you just can’t put down. You realize two weeks have gone by and you promise yourself you will start a new blog post the next day. When three weeks go by you feel embarrassed and bow your head in shame. When four weeks have gone by you almost forget you even had a blog, and figure everyone else has too.

But hopefully you all haven’t forgotten just yet. Because May did have some great things about it.

There was Mothers day that brought flowers and cards. Family birthdays that brought parties and cake. There was Memorial day that brought barbecues and swimming. And the best of all, May brought our nine year wedding anniversary.

Our Anniversary is always something we love celebrating. Some years we go big and go somewhere for a weekend or a week. Other years we simply enjoy a romantic dinner. We’ll watch our wedding video or look at our album, and we always slow dance to the same song we danced to at our wedding.

This year I told Casey I wanted to plan it. I wanted to take the pressure off him, and make him feel special. So I did.

Casey loves surprises and loves surprising people, especially me. So it was only necessary that he be the one surprised. For a month I had been making plans and writing clues to a treasure hunt that would lead him to our surprise destination. He asked me every day for two weeks what we were doing. And everyday I kept my mouth shut. I told him nothing and gave him no hints. So when we got in the car that morning, he had no idea that I would be driving him to the Pismo beach sand dunes, and that we would be riding dune buggies.

He was so surprised when he figured it out by all my silly clues, and even more excited. It was something we have always wanted to do. We had a baby sitter for the whole day, so the four drive there and back was actually kind of enjoyable. It was just us and we could talk and laugh as much as wanted, with no interruptions, and no crying baby.

We had so much fun that day, the most we’ve had in a while. Riding the dune buggies was amazing (and painful, I think I still have bruises on my spine). It was so good to get out and do something out of the ordinary for us. To remember what its like to be silly and carefree, to remember the thrill of adventure. We drove home that night exhausted but overjoyed. We reminisced over the last nine years. We talked about our wedding, and laughed at how naive we were. How we thought all our problems could be answered by simply being in love. We had the world at our fingertips, but didn’t realize how small that world was since we were only 20. But we did it. We did solve every problem that came, not only because we were in love, but because we had each other and a vow.

These nine years have truly been amazing.  We have been through a lot together. We have lived in 7 different homes and four different cities. We have had wonderful highs, and very low lows. We have laughed together and we have cried together. We have been through sickness and health, and we have loved, with all of our hearts. And that tiny world that was at our fingertips has grown bigger than we ever imagined.


photo 3


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oh hello

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