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Here is a little peek at our growing garden. It is doing much better than we thought it would. So good in fact, we have been enjoying its bounty for weeks now. In one of the boxes we over planted because we had no idea if any of it would grow. Well they all did, the beets and chard, the carrots, parsnip and green onions. But the broccoli grew so big that it consumed all the sun and all the nutrients, so sadly the beets, green onions and chard withered away. The carrots and parsnips are still growing and will soon be ready to harvest. But next, time the broccoli is getting its own home.

The other garden box is filled with arugula, kale and butter Lettuce. They have all grown amazingly and taste better than I could imagine. The arugula is spicy and full of flavor. The kale is crisp and earthy, and the butter lettuce is fresh and creamy.

We love having this garden, we are learning as we go, and we already have plans for another box. Gardening has become something I love, it is calming and comforting, and so rewarding. M loves to help me too. She helps me water and look for caterpillars, I collect them all in a little pile so she can watch them creep and crawl. Walking into our backyard and picking kale for kale chips, or arugula for homemade pizza is so fun and satisfying. Eating fresh produce and lettuce picked with your very own hands from your very own garden,  is truly as amazing as everyone says it is.





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this and that

3 thoughts on “this and that

    1. Thanks Randi! Its so fun. You have a garden to right? Definitely try growing kale, its so yummy. But I would wait till after summer since it does better in cooler weather. PS you and Lea should do a girls trip into the city sometime and come visit me 🙂

      1. Randi says:

        Yes! That would be fun 🙂 I do have a garden, but all in containers right now. My dream is to have a sunny space for some raised beds like yours … This house has too many trees, so I’m gardening in the driveway again. It works 🙂

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