the simple things

Sometimes there are hard days and harder weeks. Sometimes our heart is heavy from pain we carry and pain from those around us.

Life isn’t always easy. This week my body is tired and my lungs are weak, simple tasks become difficult. I find myself hiding under my covers and closing my eyes when I have a spare moment. What i’m hiding from I don’t know. Maybe I’m hiding from pain, or simply the difficulty of breathing. I count my breaths as someone counts down minutes on a clock. In out. Tick tock. In out. Life isn’t always easy.

Then I see these pictures and I remember the way the golden light filled up the room, casting our shadows on the wall, and making our silhouettes glow. I remember the laughs, the giggles and the thrill in her voice as she hid behind the curtains. Her silly outfit that she picked out and wore all day. I remember all of us hiding behind the curtain, our daughter holding each of our hands. I remember my husband looking at me, catching my eyes holding my gaze and making me smile, as if we were the only ones in the world. I remember the simple pleasure, the pure joy that was found in those moments behind the curtains playing peek a boo and hide and seek.  I remember being happy and my heart being full.

As I look back at these pictures from a few weeks ago I realize happiness, joy, and contentment is everywhere, we just have to open our eyes to find it. It’s the simple things. Laughter, smiles, playing with our shadows and getting butterflies when your husbands eyes meet yours.

Life isn’t always easy, but life is good, and happiness is there, waiting for us to find it. I know I’ve found it.
















the simple things

One thought on “the simple things

  1. Diane Teeple says:

    Beautiful words Hope from a women who’s endured so much….God blessed you in motherhood with a beautiful daughter that is being raised with great Godly parents. Oh, Casey you are blessed to have two girls love you so. God Bless you 3 Aunt Diane

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