better days

If you looked in my house right now, you wouldn’t find any fall decorations, you wouldn’t smell a pumpkin candle burning through the house, and you wouldn’t see pumpkins neatly lined up along my steps. Fall is here, and november is almost gone, and I never even bought a pumpkin.

This month has been hard, life has been hard, and has thrown us in every direction. Right when we think we have our head above the water, we get plunged under again. But soon, I know we will be able to come up for air, maybe tomorrow even. But for now I am going to keep holding my breath as long as I can.

This blog post isn’t about the hard days this month, instead I want to remember the good days. These photos are from a walk we took a couple of months ago. It was a beautiful sunny day, we had a beautiful view of the ocean and the city, and Mari picked yellow flowers to match her yellow dress. It was a good day.

_IMG_2073 IMG_2076 IMG_2078 IMG_2080 IMG_2084 IMG_2202 IMG_2094 IMG_2099 IMG_2110 IMG_2143 IMG_2147 IMG_2174 IMG_2180

better days

3 thoughts on “better days

  1. Diane Teeple says:

    Sweet family you rise above all with Gods hand—its to cold for a walk outside and pumpkins are over rated. I love you all. God Bless and Prayers

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