Such Kind Words

I have received so much love from my family and community and even people i have never met. Below is an email i received a day before the adoption from my dear friend Aimee. I encourage you all to invest in people. The rewards are endless and it’s what we are built for.


“Thinking lots about Mari’s adoption tomorrow. I remember praying with you guys and for your guys, that the perfect child would enter your lives at the perfect timing.

The January day you guys got the call, I was in New York for work, and I remember my eyes tearing up when I got Hope’s text. She sent me a picture of her kissing little baby Mari and she looked so, so proud. In that photo, I saw her become a mother. I told her I was going to call her Marionah Carey, after Mariah (duh).

It’s hard to think of another almost-3-year-old that has been such a vessel of love and God’s faithfulness thus far in her lifetime. I so fondly remember conversations with Hope about how motherhood had changed her. And although it was of course challenging at times, she so badly wanted to become a mother and to have a family. Mari is such a gift, but of course I don’t need to tell you that.

Hope was so proud of you becoming a father. I remember her telling me her sweetest moments would be when you came home from work, and played with Mari in the living room, and you’d both be giggling. No matter how hard the day was, balancing taking care of Mari and herself, she was just so proud of those moments and the family that God had given her. As her friend, it was such an incredible gift to watch her be so happy in that.

I’m celebrating with you guys tomorrow. I know soon enough I’ll be back to watch Mari grow up. I can’t wait for times when she’s old enough, to tell her what an amazing girl she is. How she was such an answer to prayer, how she literally completed a family. I’m committed to always being there for her, in any capacity you need.

I’m so proud of you Casey. You are so strong and so faithful. One of my greatest blessings in life is to be a friend of the Joens family.

*crying my eyes out at this point because how could I not be*
Love you lots.
Have the best day tomorrow.”

Such Kind Words

One thought on “Such Kind Words

  1. Diane teeple says:

    Casey Mari your surrounded with loving caring family–loving caring friends—and did you both know you live in the grooviest place in my opinion. God is blessing you everyday….I’ve personally cried and cried now I want to get to know Mari better so we get to hang with her at Grandma and Grandpa’s the 19th, she has cousin that’ll will love her to pieces….Just like I love you…Aunt Diane

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