A photo of our family, once a week, every week, in 2014″ 







This week has been a tiring one. We have all had our turn with the nasty cold thats going around. Poor M has been miserable fighting the cold and two teeth that are coming through. All I can say is I am exhausted. Every Mother will understand exactly what I mean. I’ve been in the same clothes all week and my hair is begging me to wash it. And when Casey came home from work today I told him I needed five minutes alone. So I went in our bedroom, I covered my head with a pillow and took a hundred deep breaths. It helped…a little.

One of our favorite things to do every night before bedtime is a dance party. We turn the music up real loud and we dance the day away. M loves it, every time we say “music time” she runs to the stereo and starts dancing before she even hears the first beat.


Hope: I’ve had a toddler glued to me all week. Even though things don’t get done and the house is a mess, I do enjoy every snuggle and hug.

M: she’s even beautiful when she doesn’t feel good. 

Casey: Teaching M his dance moves during our nightly dance party. and yes he is wearing her fox mask. 

Diesel: he just thinks we’re all crazy. 


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