a walk through the woods

This Saturday we had planned to be in Santa Barbara, but with the colds holding on for dear life we had to reschedule our weekend. So…we were home. I desperately needing to get out of the house. I needed fresh air and a clear mind. A hike sounded like the perfect thing. We drove 30 minutes south and found our way to the Purisima Creek trail.  We hiked three miles through a forest of redwoods, oak trees, and hidden meadows. It was beautiful. The hike wasn’t too steep, but for people who don’t hike and are out of shape, we were huffing and puffing on our way back, and casey was cursing himself for wearing jeans. yes..JEANS. who wears jeans on a hike? he does.

It was a great day and a perfect escape from the quarantined week. We are so amazed that something this beautiful is just miles away from us. The whole bay area is covered with beautiful trails. There is so much world to explore right in front of us, and we really want to explore more of it. We decided it is necessary for us to go on a hike once a month. And next time, Casey is not going to wear jeans.

I didn’t take a lot of photos and now I wish I would have. But here are a few.










image 8

a walk through the woods

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