sail away

Throughout our whole relationship Casey has always loved to surprise me. Whether it be big or small, he loves to do it. He does it every chance he gets. He will surprise me in the funniest ways, like when our good friends decide the last minute to come for the weekend and I come home to find them hiding in my room. Or when we had been shopping for a camera and found the one I wanted,  he said it wasn’t the right one, and then one day he comes home with a bag of groceries and I find the camera box at the bottom of the grocery bag. If we go on a date, he will plan it all and not tell me a thing, but leave me with the exciting anticipation all night.

I love this about him, I love this about us. It is something small and maybe even silly, but for me it always makes that moment, whether big or small a little more special.

On Saturday we were sitting at the table eating indian take out for dinner. We were both exhausted from a physically and emotionally exhausting week. He asked me what we should do the next day, and I replied “oh probably the usual, go to church, rush back home to nap Mari, eat sandwiches for lunch. You’ll probably nap on the couch and we’ll just hang out because you love to relax on Sundays”. Because that’s usually what we always do. I don’t mind this scenario, I know he is the one who works all week so he needs a day of rest, a day to relax and not do anything. He laughed and said he had a better idea. He went into our bedroom and brought back one of my striped nautical shirts and said that I will need to wear that because tomorrow we are going sailing. Surprise number 10,568. Our friends Zak and Whitney have a sailboat and post the most beautiful photos of their sailing adventures around the bay. We have all talked many times about going sailing together, and Casey and Zak finally made it happen.

We went sailing, and it was the most beautiful and perfect day for it. The sun was hot and the bay was blue.We had so much fun and it was a perfect end to a long week. And the surprise made it that much more special.


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sail away

One thought on “sail away

  1. Diane TeepleMelo says:

    Hope did you take the photo’s? Simply beautiful You 3 are blessed which I know I’m so jealous as when niece Lynde once lived in SF I always told her I’m living vicariously through her…and now I can through you an Casey..I’ve often thought of renting a place for a week or so…So thank you for sharing. I love you all. God Bless Diane Teeple

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