this and that

some photos of this and that and what we do around our house


I try to do a craft or art activity with Mari a few times a week (I wanted to say everyday, because that was my goal, but lets be honest, that doesn’t happen everyday. Unless you consider smashing and smearing her food all over her place mat, or throwing her soggy cereal across the room to see if it will stick to the wall, then yes we do art everyday) . She loves it, probably because of how messy I let her get. And I love it, because I know its one of the best ways for her to learn and strengthen her mind and the creativity in her. I have always done lots of hands on activities and sensory play with her because I know it is so good and vital for the development of her little brain and fine motor skills. This day, we did finger painting. I placed paper, paint and different types of brushes in front of her and let her go to town, and she did…mostly on her face.




Reading is also one of her favorite things, and its extra special when Daddy does it.



And then they put on music and danced while he sang to her. My heart was melting.



And her’s was bursting with joy


I have also recently tried my hand at painting, I know nothing about painting and have no idea what I’m doing, but I think I really like it and I think I found a new hobby.

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And then there’s Diesel, the best dog in the whole world who makes everyones day better.





this and that

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