sweet babe

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of taking some pictures of our dear friends Josh and Alex and their brand new baby boy Liam. We have been friends with them for a few years now, and we have walked along side each other through many different seasons of our lives. The good seasons and the pain filled seasons. We have spent many hours around our table laughing and talking while eating a delicious dinner that Josh always offers to make, along with a delicious dessert from Alex. Those have been some of my favorite moments, from the laughing to the depth of conversation, to the honesty that was shared. And now they are in a whole new season of their life, mainly just sleep deprived right now, like we all have been when welcoming a new human into the world. But they are doing so good, and the way they love their little boy is beautiful. I am so excited to watch as they grow as parents, and watch this little baby grow into a big boy. Here are a few photos, it was simple and laid back, just a few shots capturing the newness of their life as being parents,  and the sweet face of their beautiful boy.

















sweet babe

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