how do you do this.

This is the most confusing time in my life. Nothing is normal, and everything feels new.

I’ve started to get out there.. Dating. Its no easy game. The struggle is real.  I used to see single people and just wanna shout GO DATE EACH OTHER, FIND SOMEONE, ITS NOT THAT HARD. I was completely wrong. When i was 16 it wasn’t that hard. I saw the best and prettiest girl I knew and waited patiently in the sidelines for my moment to strike. I struck pure gold. This time its a whole new world and I am lost in it. I’m not good at it. I will learn how to do this all i suppose, but this re-learning process is pretty terrible. I’ve already hurt and been hurt. And i have barely even started. Like i said in the start, I’m confused.

how do you do this.

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