The next day

The next day it was warm and sunny.. she loved sunny days. After visiting the funeral home and picking out a casket.. i headed home. That afternoon in what was now “my” living room slowly filled with our closest friends and some family.. as I sit here writing this in that very room i can still see the look on faces.. i can still feel everyone’s kind hugs and broken spirits. Nothing was said as the room slowly filled with each body, but everything was felt. Tyler picked up a guitar and slowly just started picking at the strings, each note felt like an emotion. It was necessary, music is always there to express the deep parts in us all. After around an hour passed i finally spoke.. I think i mumbled something about her death and my love for everyone in that room.. they then surrounded me and laid hands on me and prayed for me. it felt as if God himself was laying his hand upon me. He was. Because we are his body. This never felt more real than in that moment. WE ARE HIS BODY. BE HIS BODY.

The next day

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