For as long as i can remember I was always crushing on Hope. We dated in Jr.High and I could never let her go. Even as she dated others, I always felt I was the right one for her. I was just waiting for my moment. My moment came in a Hospital.

The band I was in had been leading worship at a youth camp up in the the mountains above LA, our church youth group was there and Hope was there as a leader. She had just broken up with someone she thought was the love of her life a couple weeks before the camp had started and we were all up there together. As the weekend went on Hope and her brother Matt (who lead our band, and was my best friend) received word that their grandmother was very ill and that they should come visit her in the hospital in orange county before she passed. The band and Hope piled into a van and drove down the mountain to the hospital. I can’t recall much of the drive, but i just remember feeling nervous for what was ahead and what was in store for my best friend and his sister. We parked the van and all walked in together, I remember gathering in the waiting room with the rest of her family and just trying support in any way i could. As the day went on each of the family members would go in and spend some time with their Grandma. Hours had passed, I watched as Hope had walked passed the waiting room after seeing her Grandma, I knew she was hurting and all I wanted to do was comfort her. I let her walk a while and then slowly got up and headed into the direction she went. I couldn’t find her. I walked to the elevators to get onto a different floor, as the elevator door opened there she was, teary eyed, alone, and hurting badly. I went into the elevator and just held her as she wept, I held her tight and i held her close, I can still remember how perfectly she fit into my arms and how perfect it felt to comfort her in a time of need.

A few weeks later we started to date. At the time of the hug in the elevator my only intention was to comfort my friend. She told me months later that the embrace in the elevator was the moment she knew she was supposed to be in my arms forever. We were 16. We were kids.

I am very aware of my inability to make things happen or to align the stars. But i am also very aware that moments like this can happen at any time. In the most unexpected of places. You just have to be there for those moments to happen. You have to embrace those moments and embrace the unknown. I am ready for those moments, and that’s ok.


One thought on “Moments

  1. I love reading your stories, thoughts and memories. I don’t remember much of that time at the hospital. I know Hope was loved deeply by her Grandma, I pray she knew that! Thank you Casey for being there for her at that time and for the next 14 years!!

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